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The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit (Indan) word yog, which means "to yoke, bind, join, or direct one's attention." It can also mean "union" or "fusion." Yoga is a Hindu tradition of spiritual discipline comprising different approaches to enlightenment or self-realization.

There are many different forms of Yoga, with different names and different levels of physical activity. For me, Yoga makes my body feel better in all aspects of my life, and during Yoga practice my mind is aware of all of the muscles and bones in my body, and feeling connected. This expands into the universe as a feeling of connection to everything and a feeling of peace and belonging.

The form of Yoga I practice is Astanga, which some American teachers refer to as Power Yoga. The word Astanga means "eight limbs," referring to the classical eight-limbed path described in the "Yoga Sutras of Patanjali," the primary text of the science of classical Yoga, written in 200 BC by the great Indian philosopher and spiritual leader Patanjali. In practicing Astanga Yoga, you move from one pose to another without stopping, reaching different areas of the body one after the other. It can be a strenuous routine, moving from a pose working one side of the body to one working the other side, letting muscles rest as the ones on the opposite side are working. Look around in your area for Astanga Yoga studios, or order some Astanga or Pwoer Yoga videos.

The best advice I can give to someone getting started is to do what your body can handle, and respect your limitations at the beginning.  You'll get stronger and more flexible over time, not in one day.  Also remember to breathe deeply the entire time.  Sometimes when concentrating on what you are doing, you may forget about breathing, which is the most important thing. 

The benefits of regular Yoga practice will be evident in all aspects of your life, at work, riding motorcycles, gardening, hang gliding, playing soccer, whatever you like to do.